Smoking Cessation

Giving up the smoking habit can be difficult, anxiety provoking and expensive.

Dr. D DiDio’s clinical treatment program utilizes no drugs, chemicals, or artificial crutches.  This program was initially developed for the American Cancer Society by Dr. Di Dio in 1977 and was utilized by thousands of individuals who attended his free seminars.  Based upon a Psycho-educational approach; Dr. Di Dio assists you in exploring why you began smoking, and what factors are involved in your continuing to smoke. These discussions are both enlightening and essential to the elimination of the habit. Very little emphasis is placed upon the DANGERS of smoking since most people are now aware of these dangers and are often put off by doctors merely trying to scare them into stopping. Together with hypnosis and the teaching of self hypnosis, the smoking habit can be eliminated in as little as two sessions without anxiety or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Many people are often cured following the second meeting with Dr. Di Dio. Some individuals require as many as three or four sessions; but none more than that.

If you are interested in eliminating this dangerous and unpopular habit, contact Dr. Di Dio for more information about his smoking cessation treatment.