One of the most unique and important tasks of a Psychologist is the evaluation.

Psychologists are the only Mental Health Professionals uniquely qualified to perform a comprehensive psychological examination. This examination consists of a thorough review of the patients presenting problem, history and psycho-social factors that have led the individual to seek consultation. This review is followed by a comprehensive mental status examination and the administration of selected psychological tests. These tests are designed to assess cognition, intelligence, personality and neuro-psychological functioning. If an individual is referred for a Psychological Evaluation, the doctor making the referral may want the answers to specific questions. Psychological Evaluations can answer questions having to do with learning disability, intellectual ability, personality structure, suicide probability, behavioral control, as well as making a firm diagnosis which had not been clearly defined. Psychological evaluations can help determine a persons level of dangerousness to society, a persons competency to perform well in specific occupations, a persons interests in specific occupations, their ability to perform as parents as well as helping define certain problem areas such as substance abuse.

Each psychological evaluation is followed by a written report to the doctor or referral agency (school, social worker, court, clinic).  This is a lengthy and comprehensive report which is extremely helpful in overall assessment or treatment.

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