The Covid-19 pandemic has had far reaching challenges. Each and every one of us has felt the strain of the past several years. It’s natural to look toward “reopening” as a return to life as we used to know it. The hope we all feel at hearing that word can bring with it risk as well. Simply put, seeing patients in the office during times of high viral spread would increase the challenges and may minimize the benefits of psychotherapy. With the requirements necessary to increase viral safety, office visits may be different from what we’re all used to, such as using masks when family members are sick.

How We Provide Telehealth

Video Conferencing (often called “telehealth”) is an option for conducting remote sessions over the internet where you will be able to speak to and see your therapist on a screen. We are set up with a private, HIPAA compliant internet-based video conferencing platform called can be used with any modern laptop with a camera, microphone, and speakers, as well as any modern smartphone or tablet.  We ask that you please sign on to the platform at least five minutes prior to your session time to ensure you and your therapist are able to start promptly. Additionally, you are responsible for initiating the connection with your therapist at the time of your appointment.

All transmissions are encrypted and secure, and no recording devices are being used. The session itself vanishes the moment it happens — there are no video or audio records of the session.  We strongly suggest that you only communicate through a computer or device that you know is safe (e.g., has a firewall, anti-virus software installed, is password protected, not accessing the internet through a public wireless network, etc.). As a reminder there are no recordings of these sessions.

To sign in for your appointment, you will go to a link provided for your therapist.  The service works best on a computer or laptop physically connected to the internet in your location.  It is less reliable on wireless devices. There is nothing to download.  The link will take you directly to a virtual “waiting room”. Your therapist will be able to see you there and when they are ready, they will bring you into videoconference.

PLEASE NOTE: There is separate consent form for telehealth. Please download it, read it, fill it out completely, and send it in prior to your first session.

For patients under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete the form and be in the same location as the patient throughout the duration of the appointment.

Appointments will take place at the scheduled time and will be the same duration as they would if it were an in-office appointment.

Fees may vary from those for in-office appointments please check with your individual insurance carrier. You will be responsible for any deductible, copay, or coinsurance and are to mail your check to the office immediately.

You should confirm with your insurance company that teletherapy sessions will be reimbursed; if they are not reimbursed, you are responsible for full payment.

Of course, you may contact the office at (631) 928-4635 for scheduling or canceling appointments, or with other questions.

Here is the link for the telehealth consent form: Telehealth Consent Form.

NEW PATIENTS: Please also complete the main Intake Form and send it to the office with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card prior to your appointment.

Please download it, read it, sign it, and return it prior to your first telehealth appointment.